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28 January 2008

If a Burglar is Caught... Mishpatim

2nd Amendment Foundation - SLOW Load

(link will open a download box in a separate window. the file is 10mg)

This slow loading audio of a 911 call is a must for anyone who questions the right to keep and bear arms. How convenient that Parshas Mishpatim falls this week. I received a link to this audio from the 2nd Amendment Foundation in my email. The Torah text comes from Navigating the Bible from the Ort website.

As stated in the email:
She is alive today because she had a handgun and defended herself. It only took five minutes for her attacker to make it to her locked bedroom where she hid herself in a closet. Only five minutes and the police were still on their way to help but were not there yet.

I know no other human right in Judaism as important as the preservation of life.

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