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12 February 2008

Jerusalem Is Not For Sale

Is Olmert secretly negotiating with the terrorist PA the "future" of Yerushalayim? Will he give away Har Habayis forever? Is it illegal to negotiate with the arabians the future of Yerushalayim? The news is filled with stories of this nature. He is, he isn't, the government is stabile, the government will fall, etc.

Likud MK Saar to Shas: "You Promised, Now Quit"

UTJ Rejects Possibility of Joining Olmert Gov't

Atias says Shas believes 'Post' report

Olmert Government Negotiating Away Jerusalem

Is there a hint of things to come in Parashas Tetzaveh? In the middle of a section of Torah which describes in fine detail the construction plans of Mishkan along with all the holy items contained therein, and the wardrobe of the Kohain Godol one could ask "what could this section of Torah possibly offer as chizuk for these times"? I'll step aside and let Rabbi Bogomilsky explain the Kli Yakar. It is good to keep in mind that politics are politics and Torah is the reality.

Vedibarta Bam

"They should take for you pure olive oil, crushed for illumination, to kindle a lamp continually." (27:20)

QUESTION: Would it not have been sufficient to just say, "They should take for you pure olive oil for the light." Why are the words "katit" — crushed — and "leha'alot neir tamid" — to kindle a lamp continually needed?

ANSWER: The first Beit Hamikdash existed for 410 years, and the second lasted 420 years. During the entire 830 years the menorah was kindled every day. We all hope to merit speedily the third Beit Hamikdash, which will last forever. The elaboration in the pasuk is a remez — hint — to this.

The word "katit" — "crushed" — has in it the letters "kaf" and "taf", whose numerical value is 420, and the letters "yud" and "taf", which has a numerical value of 410. The oil should be "kasis" — for 830 years of lighting the menorah. Afterwards, will be "leha'alot neir tamid" — the third Beit Hamikdash — in which the candles will be lit forever.
Kli Yakar

Ed note, Feb 14: the citation should be Baal Haturim and Toldos Yitzchak, not Kli Yakar.

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