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01 May 2008

Obama's Team Again

Yid with Lid blog is reporting that yet another Obama "advisor" is targeting Israel for wrath. It is a sure sign of a Jew problem when credit cannot be given for blasting the Syrian attempt at entering the "nuclear club". How can anyone in their right mind (unless they have a "Wright" mind) not realize the necessity and correctness of that attack?

To boot, Mr. Joseph Cirincione is on record for believing that old fantasy that Israel's enemies have a right to blame Israel as just cause to attack Israel. You see, it seems that Cirincione believes that Iran is only seeking nukes because Israel has nukes. Now, in reality Iran only wants nukes so Iran can continue to harass and attack Israel (and American targets ie. Iraq intervention) and have a deterrent to Israel's response or to use them against Israeli (or American) targets directly at some point in the future. Cirincione asserting such a perverted theory is sure proof of antiJewism, IMHO. We all know that every good antiJew thinks Israel should just shut up and take it, right? And Sen. B.H. Obama, what do you think?

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