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30 December 2008

Jews Chill Out - Zbigniew Brzezinski : Rockets Were "Provocative, Harrasing, Annoying But Not Lethal"

There are few antiJews in the world such as Zbigniew Brzezinski who can speak from one side of their mouth, stating the obvious that Hamas "provoked" Israel into the current offensive and has "harassed" Israel with rockets and then almost immediately thereafter do a logical flip - toss in the proportional force argument along with a moral equivalence claim. ZB thinks that because Israel has done significant damage to Hamas "does that mean punishment has to be on that scale? 400 killed 1,400 wounded? (Scarborough asks: What would you recommend) I would recommend a process by which you limit such casualties and limit them very significantly." In other words, you Jews must not seek to deter those who want to kill you. Extend your necks like your ancestors did in the old days.

Zbig went on to engage in historical revisionism to defend Arafat at Camp David, glorify Clinton and blame Bush for failure to "exert" US diplomatic strength in the conflict. Zbig believes Condi Rice did too little to engage in the peace process. I wonder where all those photos with Abu Mazen came from?

Zbig thinks that the US should be at the forefront in forcing a peace process and states in the interview that the middle east "political consequences and moral consequences" are impacted by Israel's response. (I guess that means that Hamas and Hezbollah do not need to worry about political and moral consequences. Maybe ZB is correct here. Barbarians aren't held accountable to political and moral consequences).

But alas, its Israel's fault for defending herself. Zbig recalls that the 2,000 missile, rocket, and mortar attacks have been "provocative, harassing, annoying but not lethal". Not lethal, and therefore presumably not intended to be in his antiJew mind. It was of course game playing really. We send a rocket and you send a jet fighter while CNN keeps score.

While the entire interview is breathtakingly absurd, at 6:02 Joe Scarborough asks "What do we do the next time Israel is attacked from an outside force? What do we do at that point?"

ZB: That's the wrong question.
JS: No ,that's not the wrong question because... because...
ZB: That's not the question I am trying to answer(mumbles....)
JS: We never get the condemnation of Hamas or Hezbollah its always after Israel responds to defending itself .....
ZB: No its not... The problem is that this conflict has lasted for years and the US has been largely passive. The right question is not what do we do when things breakdown. the right question is what do we do to avoid a breakdown by being engaged seriously in the peace process. And for the last eight years we haven't been, and that's why we have the mess like we have right now on our hands.

Here is classical antiJew speak. The problem, the conflict, needs to be addressed by the US with the prestige of the president since both sides are guilty. Zbig began the interview by pointing out that both sides are suffering by making reference to the front page of the Washington Post, (grieving arab woman - lost 5 daughters: grieving Israeli woman because Hamas rocket hit town where she lives _ZB interpretation).

Zbig is calling for Obama to inject himself directly and with all his might into the conflict. Remember that Zbig was/is an advisor to Obama. Is this why the president-elect has been silent during the conflict, not to play his hand so soon?

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