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21 August 2008

First in Our Hearts but Only Sixth Place in Monopoly

Remember back in February all the hollering around the campaign to put Jerusalem on the Monopoly World Edition board and the controversy of why Israel was the first country name removed from the contest?

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Well all the effort has paid off. Well almost. Last I recall, Jerusalem was in the top three in the vote count before the tally board was hidden in the final voting period. Hasbro finally announced the winning cities and here they are:

While yellow is not too shabby, I was hoping for Boardwalk's position. Who is ready to believe that our own Yerushalayim would have been given the top position even had she received the most votes?

A few observations with others remaining unspoken:

  • Only one US city on the board - politically correct I guess

  • Three Canadian cities with Montreal in the top spot - which leads you to question if Hasbro has Francophilia since Montreal probably ranks as one of the top 5 most obnoxious cities in North America, if not #1 (no offense implied)

  • No Arabian cities - no suicide bombers

  • Only 1 Muslim city - speaks for itself

  • No Russian Cities (Ukrainian Kiev made it - Bogdan Khmel'nitsky would be proud)

  • A Polish city - Gdynia - in your face with a NATO missile shield for Vlad Putin

  • Riga formerly enslaved by the USSR is #2 - Putin now with steam coming out of his ears

  • London ahead of New York keeps the Brits happy but is a little 19th century

  • Rome - a tip of the hat to Edom

  • Athens - if Rome is on the list, Athens must be too

  • Three Chinese cities - could have been an all Chinese board I guess so I shouldn't complain

  • No India cities? Istanbul - not Constantinople

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