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22 August 2008

Obama and Carter Party in Denver

Ok, I think I am beginning to understand democrat logic which actually scares me. No, I haven't bought in - Chas v'Shalom, but I am seeing a picture now which I will try to illustrate.

The modern liberal/democrat must be able to ignore truth for vision. Vision of course, without truth is fantasy. But that doesn't stop the left. When fantastical beliefs in new ideas emerge, ideas which are based upon fantasy more so than observation, on idealism more so than realism, on a slavish connection to a misnomer casting away thoughtful analysis, then you have liberal thought.

Basing policy on this reasoning is the core mandate of liberal democrats. Even when it is pitifully obvious that the results of this process is destructive, the process is held in such esteem that the results cannot be criticized. Jimmy Carter's priorities in foreign policy come from that system. It permits antiJewism so long as his far-fetched policy derived from the fantasy led process of analysis is intact.

Carter will be speaking at the Democrat National Convention next week in Denver. Even though there are still some level headed Democrats around who understand that the Carter chain around the neck of Obama is a poltergeist of Joseph Goebbels which Obama will have to wear through November, they are powerless to prevent a talk by the former President who is the standard setter for liberal thought today. The process must have its day after all.

What message is Obama trying to send? Clearly he or his team have approved or cancelled speakers at the convention. So Obama must approve of Carter the antiJew speaking at his convention. Democrats have a problem because they have fostered and accepted this sort of non-sense thought inside their tent. Obama is stuck with it whether he likes it or not. My guess is he does like it. It strengthens him and gives credence to his appeasement manner.

The dems are trying to stem the tide of the dissolving Jewish vote, putting "rabbis" on the agenda and continually trying to bolster Obama's Jewish credentials. But sending out Carter the fantastical antiJew to the podium will by necessity remind everyone of Carter's Jew baiting. This is not the best America can do.

Expect McCain to pick up additional Jewish support as a result of the dems convention and it's media coverage. The alternative media should have a field day with this one. Kudos to the Young Israel for their courage and leadership.

Young Israel Calls on Democrats to Cancel Carter Speech - INN

(IsraelNN.com) The National Council of Young Israel has called on Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama and party leaders to cancel next week's scheduled address by former American President Jimmy Carter at the party convention in Denver, Colorado. Carter's public statements and his recent visit to Syria have attracted widespread criticism among pro-Israel supporters.

Young Israel president Shlomo Z. Mostofsky and executive vice president Rabbi Pesach Lerner stated, "Affording Mr. Carter a prime speaking engagement on the Democrats' brightest stage is an affront to the State of Israel, and to all American Zionists, whether they are Christians or Jews.

"In April, 2008 he deliberately and wantonly ignored the wishes of the United States government when he traveled to Syria to meet with Khaled Mashaal, the head of Hamas' terrorist organization. The fact that he embraced Hamas, a terrorist group that has repeatedly called for the destruction of the State of Israel, the obliteration of the United States, and the annihilation of the Jewish people, was a slap in the face to Israel, the U.S., and Jews everywhere."

A Handy List of Carter is an AntiJew Articles
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ZOA presser 2 on Carter - visits to Syria, recognition of Hamas

Condemnation of Carter book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid as untruthful on Standwithus/ZOA flyerr

Zionist Leftie Criticism of Carter

Rawstory.com: Includes Carters NY Times OP/Ed which tries to explain why Jews should trust Hamas and how they convince other Americans that Hamas is really bad even though they are not (barf)

(Rosner article from Haaretz on trying to figure out how to sort antiJew Carter from a antiJew Mersheimer.

Deborah Lipstadt on antiJew Carter published by AISH

Levi Brackman, YNET calling Carter out

He unjustly encourages Israel-bashers around the world.

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