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19 September 2008

Ahmadinejad, Hillary and Democrats

It seems according to this story running on Arutz Sheva, that silly politics has become more important than defending Israel.

Since the anti-Ahmadinejad at the UN rally has become a political affair, it should be cancelled. If Jews cannot even get together and use what ever means possible to protest the terrorist from Teheran, and in Elul nonetheless, it is better not to even try.

This failure to even schedule speakers, (yes all who can help should come, Hillary as well as Gov. Palin) is embarrasing. Iran and all islamic facist terrorists are strengthened by our divisions and dis-unity.

And, thanks democrat-liberal Jews for finally admitting that your political agenda comes before the well-being of your brethren in Israel. And to the democrats in general, thanks for your whole hearted support of the Jewish people. The parted curtains reveal a petty political organization of easily offended operatives who hold by “my way or the highway”. I call upon the democrat party to send a high level representative to NY, (if the event is not cancelled) possibly even one of the two candidates on their presidential ticket and I call upon the organizers to re-invite Sarah Palin. Don’t force the conclusion upon the world that you only care about Israel and the Jews when it is politically convenient to do so.

Iran and the madman must be stopped but more importantly, the unification of the Jews must begin. The first goal cannot be met until the second goal is achieved.

I remember attending the big Soviet Jewry rally in DC in the late 80's. Politicians from across the spectrum spoke and to my knowledge, no one was axed due to party affiliation. HaShem should have mercy on his people.

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