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26 September 2008

No Second Guessing Israel - Sarah Palin

It just doesn't get any clearer or simpler than this. Gov. Palin has made one of the strongest pro-Israel statements of any sitting political figure in the US today. After starting with a somewhat cliche but still relevant comment of "preventing another Holocaust" as a justification to befriend Israel (language probably from an advisor) Gov. Palin then went on to make a value statement usually left presumed in comments made by "pro-Israel" US politicians. In fact, it would be nice to see more Israeli elected officials with such clear convictions as these. Saying "Israel is the good guy" is a welcome and significant break from the current administration's Pali-state support.

It is this sort of basic goodness, decency of character and common sense the American people are known for which has made Gov. Palin an overnight sensation. To hold such fundamental views as Gov. Palin expresses is a throw-back to a day before America was inundated with PC leftism. One wonders what sort of crisis or conflict would be needed to make Barack Obama make a decision between what is good and what is bad or what is right and what is wrong. In Obama's world, it is more important to talk to the bad and accommodate the evil. In Gov. Palin's world, the bad is shunned and good is upheld. The 2008 Presidential election will determine whether American traditional values as represented by McCain-Palin will confront an increasingly dangerous world and shaky international economy or the message of accommodation and retreat represented by the Obama-Biden ticket will re-shape America's charge of leadership into a role of back bench observer.

INN - Palin: Israel is the Good Guy by Gil Ronen - Published: 09/26/08, 11:27 AM

(IsraelNN.com) "We shouldn't second guess Israel's security efforts because we cannot ever afford to send a message that we would allow a second Holocaust," Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin said in a television interview for CBS.
"Israel has got to have the opportunity and the ability to protect itself. They are our closest ally in the Mideast. We need them. They need us. And we shouldn't second guess their efforts," the Alaska governor added.

"It is obvious to me who the good guys are in this one and who the bad guys are. The bad guys are the ones who say Israel is a stinking corpse and should be wiped off the face of the earth," Palin explained.

"That's not a good guy who is saying that. Now, one who would seek to protect the good guys in this, the leaders of Israel and her friends, her allies, including the United States, in my world, those are the good guys," she said.
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